Myths and Lies about Sterilisation


Experience the miracle of childbirth

Many people want to experience their pets having a litter.  However, breeding to “see the miracle of birth” demands that you also “see the tragic results”.

Before making the decision to breed visit a shelter and watch an animal being euthanized or killed.  Many of these euthanized kittens and puppies are the result of your “miracle of birth”.

My female pet needs to experience motherhood

Animals are not the same as human beings.  There is NO such thing as your female pet needing to experience motherhood!  In fact it is much safer to avoid pregnancy.  Sterilisation eliminates ovarian cancer and reduces the risk of mammary tumours.

Dogs and cats never miss or care about “what might have been” but instead devote themselves to their owners and live full and happy lives without the parenting experience.  They prefer having all your attention to themselves instead of sharing it with their babies.


Unnatural to castrate/neuter my male pet

Herein lays the biggest myth.  The general thoughts about castration are: it takes his “manhood” away and I wouldn’t do it to myself, so I couldn’t do it to my male pet.

Animals conceive and produce litters purely on biological instinct which lasts for that moment alone. Male pets don’t feel deprived by sterilisation, but on the other hand an unsterilised dog will feel extreme frustration when in-season or when they sense an in-season female is nearby.  This frustration often leads to behaviour problems and aggression.  A sterilised male pet results in a happier and calmer pet.